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Words to Live By

It is quite hard to find an application or a game that will teach you something efficiently. Related to language, we could be more lucky because there is ton of utilities but most of them have recurent problems.

Influent Screenshot

Influent for example is limited to a room and vocabulary. The UI does not work properly, it is confusing, you should read lot of text before starting to move in the room... There is mission that are quite confusing.

You are spending more time to move the character and navigate in the UI then learning vocabulary.


With memrise you can learn many things, I use it to practice some Korean vocabulary. Without subscription, it is quite limited: To have audio, you need to record yourself, to custom the vocabulary you want to practice, then, you will have to add it by yourselft ou join a course made by someone from the coomunity.

It is a real pain to have notifications from the app and get popup to ask you to subscribe.

Anyway, recently I discovered a really cool project, thanks to the Discord channel for learning Korean. In the resources someone posted this link: Words To Live By.

The project is made by Aidan Waite, a Canadian who lived in Korea for a while and went to the Seoul Indies regularly.
It is still underdevelopment, it means that if even all the languages has the items translated, the single "quest" is currently only available in Korean. But this is already really promising.

wtlb quest

In this prototype, there is already a good feeling, all the useless navigations are gone compared to Influent. No time to spoil, the goal is to learn something without distraction. The only available quest is an item that you have to bring to a robot and then you have to make it works. By clicking the words it is displaying boxes that will explain you all you need. Then it is not only something to memorise vocabulary, it is also something to learn Verbs and Grammar.

The developer was working in part time on the project and from this month to next year he will start a full time development on it. I can't wait the next updates!

The prototype has been made with Unity3D.

I warmly recommend you to keep an eye on it, and if you want more i could suggest you to help the developer on his Patreon.