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Uzukon 10th - Modern Girl

On social network we can find many things, the worst but also the best. I was able to make friends in Seoul with it: We are not speaking the same language but we have the same passion for animations from genki dama country and for music with bleeps and blops.

It is still on these SNS, on twitter to be more precise, that I heard about this concert at Freebird club: Uzukon 10th - Modern girl. To be on twitter, you follow people, with one thing and another, you find new great people. This singer, composer, singer and guitarist Unicorn seemed to hold concerts around hongdae, Uzukon was the good time to listen to her music.

There was three artists, the three voices were with their own intruments: Guitar or beats with samples. In the order there was DyoN Joo, Unicorn and Uza.

I've recorded some videos, but I will not post it here, the quality of the record is not that great for the sound, so I invite you to visit the different pages they hold to listen to their music.











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