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Toolchain 2016

Last year I discovered some software that were useful to me


When you have different devices on your desk, it is good to be able to use them only with one mouse and one keyboard. The only requirement with this software is to be on the same network.
Available for most of Debian, Mac, Ubuntu and Windows.

Price: $19 (Basic plan)
The pro version add SSL support for ten more dollars


Canard PC made me discover the best win32 software to view, extract and create zip archives: Bandizip.
Later I wanted to take great screenshots when I was playing games or making short videos. From the same South-Korean company, there is Bandicam, I really recommend this one compared to the other software for screen records.
Then you can also you use Honeycam for making GIF.

Price Bandizip: Free
Price Bandicam: $39
Price Honeycam: $26

File Converter

You will be able to guess what actually does this software. It offers a great context menu for each files that you have:
From PNG to JPG, to a new scale, to webm from gif, ...
Excellent software and open source.

Price: Free

Visual Studio Code

I really did not expect that simple text editor would replace Monodevelop or Visual Studio Community. It is now compatible without plugin with Unity3D.
Go, JS, C, C++, C#, Python, Markdown and obviously more. Light and fast, it is now my favorite text editor.

Price: Free


Even if Winamp has been sold to Radionomy... We can consider this software dead. As a replacement I was using VLC, but not really efficient to listen to music. The playlist management is crappy and there is no library feature. I could use Groove from MS but a friend made me discover Artem Izmaylov Media Player. Now I am using it on all my devices and there frequent updates.

Price: Free


When I am writing ideas, I like pen and paper but it is sometimes boring to keep these notes. Because I have Wacom pencils (on tabpro and on another graphic tablet) I can use Nebo. It will recognize your handwrites or schema and translate it if you need.

Something that could miss is a sync feature your devices, but it is possible to save your notes as a nebo file and share it with One Drive, GDrive, Dropbox or your own sync solution.

Price: $8.99

Pin More

If you like having nice tiles on your start menu on Windows 10 you may already have this one. Available on the official store, it will check your public game list on steam and add shortcuts for games you want to pin. Then it is possible to custom the tile or add any other stuff (Folders, files, ...).

Price: $2.99


I do like custom my games on steam and that is a real pain to use the tool on the official client. This one is a little old but it will help you to organize the list more efficiently. There is also an option to automatic organize it from an online database.

Price: Free

Idle Master

And not IdoleM@ster. This one will let you get cards for all the games you did not play. Useful if you want get few cents by selling it and then get promotion for Games or Skins.

Price: Free