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Seoul Indies - English Version

Every thursday, there is the Seoul Indies.

This is a monthly meetup that gather Seoul video game devs. Because it is a cosmopolitan city, we find there Koreans but also people from different places. Everyone is welcome, even if you are not working in video game industry.

Ok, they meet each other during a meeting, but what else ? So, they first break the ice to not let shy people being alone. Then, people are pitching their projects from 8:30PM.

It could be prototypes or work in progess project. Even "ready to be published" games are allowed.






After showing games, questions and finaly testing session. There is always a good mood, everyone can play test projects of other people with beer and chips.



Meeting with Sun Park, one of the organizer of the event.

  • How seoul indies started?

Marc (The maker of Thumper) suggested to make a meetup like Tokyo Indies and Kyoto Indies, which made us super inspired when we visited TGS and BitSummit, etc. At that time there were some dev meetups in Seoul but there were mostly for Koreans, and I thought there wasn't any meetup for deep conversation about game in general, or each other's game. So we made Seoul Indies, as a monthly offline dev meetup. It's a supportive and casual space for independent devs to share their work and meet collaborators.

  • When did it start?

April, 2015

  • How many people are behind Seoul Indies?

The meetup organizers are 3. Me, Marc, and Jay. There isn't any kind of membership. We're gathering with around 20 people every month.

  • Is there other similar projects you are involved in?

I'm trying to make not only my own game but also a good developer scene here. I'm also organizing Out Of Index, an experimental game festival in Seoul from 2015. And I helped to make the 1st BIC in 2016. Also I'm a South Korea region organizer of Global Game Jam.

  • Why Are you making games?

Well, from when I was juvenile,I wanted to be a any kind of creator. I think game is the most fun thing in the world! That's why I make games. I think I would quit to make games, and make another thing if I interested in something diffrent in the future. But for now, making game is best job for me so far.

  • Can you explain what is Project99?

Project.99 is a tiny game developer group based in Seoul and Los Angeles. We make experimental games every month, pack them all in one package, and sell it 0.99 USD. I wanted to make a small group to experiment various idea regardless its commercial potential. We are used to dive into brand new game mechanics, try to make a something which amplifies player's emotion, find new ways to use input devices for the game, and try to make just weird things. This month (Nov. 2017)is our 12th month. 1st anniversary is coming!




R&D Software Engineer / Client Game Programmer - I am crafting video game prototypes during my spare time and if I really have too much time I take pictures and write posts for this blog.

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