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Resume and cover letter

Writing a resume and a cover letter to sell ourself to a company is not something easy, it is how you will get hired, the first impression that you will give and it is rare to get a second chance. Some people could have experiment it in there life and I guess it was stressfull most of the time, depending on skills everyone may have it will be more or less interesting on the job market. There is obviously many other factors, even if it is illegal: your gender, your skin and your name will be judged. The all that you can do is, for this part, to write.

Related to your skills and the category of job, you may need to take care of your knowledge and renew it constantly. Then you may need to keep update a portfolio.


Let's start with the resume, it will be fast: Experience, Education, Knowledge. That is the order to keep: Depending on your experience, the one who will hire you will guess already what are you capable of. It will be confirmed by the knowledge part. The second chapter is the one I do not really enjoy. But you need to put in what the school could have teach you that you will bring to the company.

If you like markdown, there is md2resume. It is an efficient way to write everything about you without worrying about how it looks, nobody cares, except if you work in graphic design, then it becomes an issue. In that case you can trick the templates, design a fancy static page or use illustrator.

Now that you have your resume, don't forget your name and all the stuff to contact you by email and phone, why not kakao too. When you include it as a pdf file and not with an url... well, do not forget to attach it and name it with a smart name "FirstNameFamilyName_Resume.pdf" (It will be easier for you but also for your future boss).

Cover letter

Here comes THE part. The thing that will push someone to read the work that you did before: The cover letter. It is like the paper gift. This one should be with fancy words.

We can see before what WE SHOULD NOT DO:


I'm Bidule, 25 years old, live in Paris, friend of Tartine.

As we were talking with Tartine, I learned that he was currently working for you, in Badaditou City, as a Game Developer.

That's why I'm contacting you right now.

Unfortunately, you're aren't currently looking for another Game Developer, but I'm trying my chance as my profile may pick your interest.

I'm in the same promotion as Tartine and we were together studying Video Game Development at Keimyung university last year.

Since then I didn't stop programming with Unity3D, testing and learning things by myself, and the more I'm going into this, the more I understand that my passion, my soul, is into Game Developing. Unfortunately, I didn't find a company that would let me a chance to work in this industry. For the past 10 months, I've been working on different projects on Unity3D on my own after work, and it's more and more irritating as I'm continuing to apply to jobs in Koko Country without getting any feedback, they just shut the doors down as soon as they see that I don't have at least 3 years of experience in the Video Game Industry.

Tartine told me that your company was a good experience, that he really likes his job, and the team is fantastic. And it motivated to apply spontaneously to you.

I'm a fast learner, I'm highly motivated and working in Badaditou City as a Game Developer is my dream. I would give 200% of myself in the company, in my work and learn on my personal time to fill the technical gap I might have. I thank you for the time you took to read this letter,



Name and places has been replaced to avoid shame on the author. Anyway, do not let your personal feelings interact with your writing, you should show that you are a professional with skills, you should explain why they will hire you instead of the previous candidate they read the email.

To help myself when I am starting, I try to respect a special order: I/You/We.
First, it is about yourself, what bring you to send this email, why, what is the experience you have, what is your degree, your school, do you have skills?...
Then, show that you are interested in the company, that you search about them: Sumarize few things about them, like how many employee there is, what are the current projects, the technology they use, ...
Last part is a mix: The "we" is "the cherry on the cake" of your cover letter. They must imagine by reading this part all the great things you and the company will build together.

And... That's all.



I use md2resume

Cover letter