1. Pale Lands (9 month)

1.1. Description

I worked 9 month as a Game Client Programmer on this project in a team of 20 people, the game has been released on iOS and is a strategy game (as Boom Beach). The text below is a game description.

Build the Safest Town to Protect Your People
Produce resource for survival and building infrastructures to expand your territory. Also, prepare your people to protect against threats from the outside, roaming zombies and bandit,by strategically placing defense buildings in your town.

Bring More Refugees into Your Community
Power to the People! In the Zombie-apocalypse, a well-run town requires a variety of refugees with a mix of skills. Assign your refugee in a building where matches their skill-set.

Develop Zombie Troops and Armament
Scout and attack an enemy or an another player’s town by disputing Zombie troops. Zombie’s belligerent attitude will help you win over the opponent. You can steal opponent’s resources. If you are lucky enough, you can bring high quality man-power to your town. Establishing research facility will help you build a strong force, breed various types of Zombies and develop various weapons.

1.2. Skills

  • C# (Programming Language)
  • Behaviour AI
  • Unity3D (Game Engine)

2. Toy Drift Racing


2.1. Description

This project has been initiated while I was working at Joga Loca Games in 2014. This game company was making mobile games and aiming mainly Car Driving Simulation.

The player has to select a car, a map and some bonuses before starting to play. Then he will have to make a high score by getting coins in the map, drifting or making some special stunt. The score is converted into a currency that allow the user to unlock more cars, maps or bonuses. It is also possible to use real money to get more in game currency. There was around 100,000 downloads.

2.2. Skills

  • Unity3D (Game Engine)
  • C# (Programming Language)
  • Nvidia PhysX (Physic Engine)
  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Level Building

3. Stella VR

3.1. Description

Stella Artois needed for an event related to Belgium a media content project. I have submited a VR application that is Galery to show how to pour a beer. There was in this project different technical challenge. I used the Samsung GearVR as the main device for the project and Unity3D as game engine. The GearVR was interesting because there is no cable for the user, so the experience is better and smoother but it means that there is low spec on an Android device.

3.2. Project Requirements

  • GearVR & Samsung Galaxy S7
  • A Stella Glass
  • Liquid Simulation (pouring glass)
  • Play videos in virtual world

3.3. Result

result stella VR

3.4. Skills

  • VR Knowledge
  • Unity3D (Game Engine)
  • C# (Programming Language)
  • Blender (Physics Simulation, Shaders, Modeling)

4. Unity Remote Car Controller


4.1. Description

By discovering the ARM Architecture and the scale of possibility with the raspberry devices. I discovered that it was possible to make a small car robot with Sunfoundation. It was a 3 months project.

4.2. Problem

On the sun founder repository page, the Remote apps that allow to control the raspberry car is not efficient. It is a server webapp to control from a browser that simulate a client. It makes a slow video stream and high latency for the control. Also Client are Server communicates through Wifi only.

4.3. The Solution

The solution I made is a C# Client that connect on the Sunfounder Python server. It works well and the video stream can be recorded on local. The camera can also recognize pictures (using opencv library) and do actions depending on the pictures (basic AI).

5. Asymetric Party Game

screenshot game

5.1. Description

5 players game that players will play at same time on Tablet and Computer in multiplayer. The players on the computer will have to score by getting different items. The player on the tablet will have to avoid the others to reach the items.

5.2. Problem

The initial problem we put on table was the Asymetric Gameplay: How to develop a game with an Asymetric Gameplay and Cross Platform

5.3. The Solution

To solve that problem we used the Game Engine Unity3D and started to develop two projects at the same time with a client and a server. The server will be able to master the game and avoid cheaters. Then the client will connect to the server and talk by using the wifi (the connexion sould be stable). The two projects are different so there was a serialization and deserialization of the datas (triggers, positions of players, rotations and animations). The view on both side were identic and the whole projects was compatible with Android for the tablet and Windows for the Computer.

5.4. Skills

  • Unity3D (Game Engine)
  • C# (Programming Language)
  • Networking
  • Game Design

6. Subak

6.1. Description

Subak was a personal vitrine for me to show my skills to people around the world. The main target is France and South Korea. This online vitring that I am hosting on a dedicated OVH server is based on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

server    : xxx991
ip        :
hostname  : subak

Managing this server allows me to improve my skills as System Administrator, skills that I started to get from Jamendo. From 2012 to 2017 (5 years) I had to manage this personnal server (security check, hosting websites and apps). Today, this server is still usefull for several personal or professional work.

6.2. Application Deployed

  • Nginx
  • Ghost
  • Gitlab
  • let's encrypt certified
  • mongodb
  • sqlite

6.3. Visible hosts

6.4. Not visible Example

As a game client programmer I need sometimes to test the application on a server. It means that I have to make an application with resti API (with Golang and martini library) that suits to my usage. That is what I had to do on my "Quischer" project (game to teach languages).

7. Pirate Game

Pirate Game Screenshot 1

Pirate Ship

7.1. Description

SImple party game that get inspiration from Super Mario 64. Different interactions with the world and cartoon universe. This project was more focused on art side to let me learn more about Technical Artist job side.

7.2. Skills

  • Unity3D (Game Engine)
  • C# (Programming Language)
  • Game Design
  • Blender (3D Modeling and animations)

8. Save Lubs

Save Lubs GIF

8.1. Description

School project in 계명대학교 (2014). The requirements was to teach to a player how to use the game and getting used to news mechanics level after level. There was also some different few other requirements like making Menu, UI, scenes and Particles System.

The group project has been initiated by our professor Cathal Mc Cosker for the Unity Course in the Mobile Game And Development Department of Keimyung.

8.2. Skills

  • Unity3D (Game Engine)
  • C# (Programming Language)
  • Blender (3d modeling)
  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Level Building