Codename Illus

Hello, I will try to explain you how to download the Adobe Creative Collections and how to install Illustrator. There will be 3 steps that I will try to illustrate as much as I can to explain you well.

Torrent Client Software

First, you will need a Torrent Client Software, maybe you already use one, in that case, skip this step and just use the one that you are used to. If not, download and install the most popular one : BitTorrent.

Be Carefull: During the installation, the software will try to install several tools or software. To avoid that you will have to decline the offer and uncheck the box that allows to download some.

  1. Decline offer

  2. Do not agree with Avast installation

The CC Torrent

There is two that I have found. First one, is the one that let me got the collection. Second one is an alternative if there is not enough people uploading the file.

main torrent

alternativ torrent

You will have to open the torrent with the client (double click on it or open it from file/open in the soft software).
It will require space on your computer: The archive that you will download will be around 65GB. That is huge. But do not worry, when illustrator will be installed, you will not need the huge archive anymore (total size could be less than 4GB).


The installation part could be the most delicate one. Because you will need to be offline (to avoid the online check of the software... it is an illegal version, so it will try to know if you are installing a legit version).

There is a file: How To Install & Register.txt. It is the instructions to install the application.

Preview of the file:

-1- Disable your internet access
-2- Run Launcher & install adone product as a trial
-3- Open the folder update and install the new updates
-4- use the Patch "adobe.snr.patch-painter.exe" to use adobe any product as a full version
-5- Done

So as it say, disable everything about internet (Wi-Fi and Ethernet). This part is important: If you have an internet access during the installation, it means it will avoid you to launch the app later. Then launch CC2015Launcher.exe and install the product you need as 30 days trials. Install also the require updates from the archive and patch it (the last patch will let you use the adobe softwares more than 30 days).