Capture One - Basic Workflow

So, I do not have a proper workflow, but I am kind of making often the same thing to start with Capture One.

First, I plug my SD card to the computer and then I import all the pictures I took directly to my SSD.


Then, I select a picture I want to make work on: With RAW pictures, you can make tests as much as you want, it will not modify the original picture. It is kind of layer that you will export in other file format later (JPG, TIFF, PNG, ...).


You may already know but RAW has many informations, not only colors: It also has exposure information, a high range of colours and brightness (much much more than JPG) and many other things.


So when I started to look at this software, I just went on the left panel and played with all the buttons to see what happens (if you want to get back to original: you can reset it and if you want to keep your modification you can get "new variants").


I will show you kind of examples with same pictures, you will be able to see that depending on the setting you can create total different atmospheres


The two precedent pictures was about the exposure: So if you take a picture with a too long exposure or too short, you can trick it later.

Then there is something also that impact on exposure, it is the two parameters called "Highlight" and "Shadow". Highlight will reduse the exposure on surface that have too much light, and shadow will increase exposure on surface that have not enough light (these parameters works well with pictures that has long exposition, it makes something similar with HDR when both are at 100).


Then I just changed few things: do not hesitate to touch every button to understand how it works. There is also some tutorial on internet but they cover mainly the "pro" version. Anyway, when you look for an effect you want to do you can look on google "How to... with Capture One". There is some results on the official website and youtube.

Then there is also some builtins effects, to make it black and whete or change the colors with parameters that has been already registered (super usefull when you do not have much time to check how to have a nice black and white picture)


It is also possible as I said to manage colors more or less individualy with this tool:


Then you can for example keep only the red color and turn in black and white the rest of the scene.