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BIC 2017

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Visiting the BICFest 2017 in South-Korea

Since 2015, the Busan Indie Connect gather developers from South Korea and from all around the world. This year, around 120 games has been shown there. These games has been selected beforewith a jury few months ago: the selection has been made from more than 300 games. Once the game got aproval, the team is invited to come to Busan city, in the south of the country, for the festival.

It took place at the Busan Cinema Center from 14th to 17th of september. The Busan Cinema Center is well known for the BIFF (Busan International Film Festival). This kind of place could seem disproportionated for an indie event, but the city and sponsors grant budget to this event. The proof could be to see one of the bridge showing through LEDs "Cheers for indie game!".

Let's talk a little more about the actors of the festival itself. The friday was for the conferences where you could hear experiences from different actors of the industry, there was for example Marc Flurry, Dave Crooks or even Ken Wong.

During the weekend, people were invited to try the games directly to the booths. Even if the weather was not that good, many people came to discover and try these games. The Busan Cinema Center is the ideal spot: in front of the biggest department center of the world. Not initiated to games and amateurs switched from keyboards to headmounted VR to joypads to mobile and tablets.

Most of the games were freshly released and among these booths, there was also French: Pawarumi, Hyperun, Backslash, TinyClusters...

I will talk a little more about Tiny Clusters, a mobile game and PC, that I loved the backside story. The game is a 2D platformer, the main goal is to solve puzzle by swaping parts of the world (divided by 4) and moving your character from A to B. It is really fun on mobile and a little harder to get used to the inputs on a controller. The thing that surprised be is that all the assets are on creative commons and free. 2D assets for example and the music. The music is available on the Jamendo and has been composed by the japanese Ichiro Nakagawa. He was really surprised to be contacted by Thibaut Mereu who asked if he was allowed to use his music. Then they continued to work together. After 3 years of collaboration, they finaly met in South Korea at the BIC festival.

  • Best Narrative : Agatha Knife
  • Best Casual : Cubie Adventure
  • Best Booth : Color Rain
  • Best Game design : The Gradens Between
  • Best Art : Old Man’s Journey
  • Best Experiment : Eden Obscura
  • Best Multiplayer : Roof Rage
  • Best Sound : Rhythm Doctor
  • Grand Prix : Yonder : the Cloud Catcher



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