Outside the anthill

. . .

Our legs were numb,
But the cold is gone,
Enjoying again the walks,
We're taking back our galleries,

Everyday the same path,
As always similar places,
The duplicate gray shades,
A new start begins but...

It looks like a déjà vu.
We laughed at this Cicada,
However what for,
We neither can't see the light.

늑대머리 - wolf

늑대머리 - wolf

À Séoul, j'aime bricoler des prototypes de jeux et partager des bricoles. / 🇫🇷 / Based in Seoul, I like crafting video games prototypes and sharing many things. / 🇬🇧 / 서울에서 살고있다. 게임 만들고 좋아해요. / 🇰🇷 /

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